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Took car in for annual inspection and to check a couple of little things. Turned out one of the little things wasn't so little - needed brake (rotor) work. Much wallet pain.

Also annoyance: Yesterday I sat at service place for a couple of hours (had book! no worry) before they finally called me with what they found and how much more time it would be. They said it would be about 3 more hours and would I like to leave and get picked up again later? I said I'd pick it up first thing tomorrow morning, if that's okay. They said fine, fine, no problem. Well, first thing this morning and did they have it fixed? NO. Still another 2+ hours of work left. Grrrr. Walked to a Subway a couple blocks away and got breakfast, went back and waited, waited (book!) till it was done. Bah - if they knew last night it wasn't yet done, they could have called and let me know!

On plus side - it is nice to know that when minor emergencies like this happen, I actually have the resources to cover it. And it's vacation now so I wasn't late to work. And even got home 15 minutes before a webinar I wanted to (did) attend.

Later today: brush canine and try to locate dog. ;-)


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