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A bit less than two full days after cataract surgery on my left eye, and the blurriness is mostly cleared.


Okay, for those of you who could see all your lives, it's probably pretty ho-hum. But for me, who has worn glasses since two years old, who got to the point of being told "we can't correct your vision any more through glasses" (so your view of the world will continue to slowly deteriorate), who has always seen the world more than two inches from her eyes as a blurred mess - It. Is. Amazing.

Oh, it's not removing the cataract that did the trick (though I hadn't realized how much the little bugger was shading my view of things), but when cataract surgery is done, it involves taking your natural lens completely out and replacing it with an artificial one. And if you have vision problems, the artificial lens can be shaped to correct for much of that. I will need reading glasses in the future, even after the blurriness is fully cleared (it take the eye a couple days to full clear from the drugs they drop in pre-surgery), but that's fine with me. Just fine. Compared to the incredible nearsightedness the artificial lens is correcting for (-18, for those of you who speak eyesight), reading glasses to correct for my middle-aged far-sightedness is nothing.

The surgery on my right eye takes place in a little less than two more weeks. I can't wait. :-)


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