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I very rarely buy computer games; most of the time I'll just play free ones. It's been years since the last time I bought a computer game; I don't even participate in virtual worlds or online rpgs that ask for money.

Okay, I have donated to Nexus War (more than once) within that time frame but 1. the basic game is free and 2. I moved in with a bunch of other Urban Dead players at the start of open beta, and, heck, the guy who wrote the game was in one of the UD groups I also had a character in. Even then, I tried it for a month or so before I put any money down.

What I'm saying is, when I say I found a game that's worth spending a few bucks on, well, I don't say it very often.

Therefore let me express my happiness with PopCap game's Plants Versus Zombies. It is amusing, addictive, and challenging without being frustrating. And it's got its own music video. Oh, and if you don't mind paying for access rather than actual downloadable ownership, you can also play the game for half-price at Steam.

Plants, zombies, undead dolphins... what's not to like?


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