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We've been tumbled: Jeff found out.

He thanks us for the thought but insists that his current computer is just fine, thank you. (My thought: for now, bwah-hah!)

He would, however, be partial to a certain green lasar pointer, if we insist on getting him something, so he could stop having to borrow pointers whenever he does presentations. The laser pointer costs significantly less than a computer would. (Though more than regular pointers because it's a special, heavy-duty, exceptionally bright lasar pointer.)

My suggestion: let's get the guy his laser pointer, for Ghu's sake!

AND ALSO - since what we were planning to get would have been much more expensive - let's put the extra cash we'd mentally set aside for Jeff into a charity in his name.

Lemme quote from our email exchange:
> So - you wanna nominate a charity we could donate to instead?

Oh! That's a wonderful idea.

> And not the Maggie/David one - we'll all be contributing to that
> anyway, so this should be something else. Something special.

Oh! Wow. You really know me well, don't you? :-)

There's the fund for the Replacement Children's Hospital Project here at U. Michigan -- the new Children's Hospital which I had the privelege of helping plan [1], and the same project I helped run around Ann Arbor being silly with a bucket with Galens Tag Days to help raise money for [2][3].

Your gift would go torwards helping build a facility which will help a lot of sick kids in the years to come, on a project which I had the honor of being deeply involved in the design of, and the privelege, during my service on Peds Heme/Onc, Peds Surgery, Peds Neurosurgery, and Pediatrics itself, to serve as a medical student. And you all would be able to point to the Children's Hospital in years to come and say, "Hey, we helped build that". :-)

I think that last part would be especially special; that you all would be able to come someday to this place we're building and actually stand in it, (and specifically, the Galens Playroom on it's top floor) and know a tangible, real thing that your gift helped accomplish.

The donation link is via

or, if someone on the donation list can get corporate matching funds (some companies will match or even double a gift that goes through one of their empolyees),

and both forms let you designate the Children's Hospital project, and to put me as the honoree.

And again, you all really don't have to. But thank you.

So - who's up for it? Organizational details to follow if everyone approves. (I am SO late for work!)


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