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Nanila is offering a list of folks showing old LJ name and new DW name, to help you find your friends and your friends to find you. You can add yourself at:
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Yes, I'm here. I don't post much, though I read daily and sometimes comment, but I am here. *waves to all and sundry*

(I was 'deor' over on LJ, with the same default icon.)
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My area was supposed to get relatively lightly hit - half a foot to a foot of snow by the end of the day.

Well, it's just 10:30 am and the snow is up to my knees and the white ($*&%$ is still coming down. And down. And down.
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Once again, characters which are described as brown in the book become white on the cover: Wood Sprites by Wen Spencer

(Not that previous covers in the series didn't have the same problem, like this, er, fine example.)
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Being a good manager means having enough familiarity with what the workers are doing to be able to tell good work from bad, and what it takes to do good work. If one hires good workers, listens to what they need and sees that they get it, good work will be the natural result. Micro-management pre-supposes that people are bad workers; therefore it is bad management.
-- [ profile] elenbarathi in a comment on [ profile] nancylebov's post on The kind of management which doesn't lead to humorous videos.
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So when I go to my own journal, the most recent entry showing is the one about shoveling, not the one with the link to the praying mantis pic. I can see that entry via direct link from the email I got about people commenting on it, and in my Friends page (I am, of course, my own friend), but not from looking at my entries or going to the option to edit past entries. Very odd. Wonder what will happen with this one.
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So, despite what you think you might see, is shovel. Dear gods, I ache. And there's more white crap still falling, and more predicted.

Spring cannot come soon enough.
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It's snowing again.
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I refer you to Twitter hashtag #OverlyHonestMethods and a related Imgur Album.

- We used semi-anaerobic culture conditions because sandra forgot to start the shaker.
- Study sites are in non-linear transect b/c there is only road in the region & we couldn't find mules to carry our gear.
- I bought taq polymerase from invitrogen bc they had a contest to win an iPad with purchase
- The sample was limited as we ran out of undergrads willing to be research subjects

Go see!
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What is it with some of these parents? Most of them do as one would expect - either waiting on the sidewalk for the older kids, absent for the teens, or assisting their toddlers. Most are perfectly polite and come are charming. But what is with the parent who come up with their own sacks, holding out for candy of their own? Lady, you're over 30 - you really need to leave the trick-or-treating to the kids. Other lady - WTF? you come to the door with 3 sacks and no children and tell me you're 'collecting for three'? With no kids in sight. Just - WTF?
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Usually she's all Miss Wiggly-Butt, but today I didn't see her as I arrived home from work, somewhat late after having run some errands. As I sorted the mail I looked around and spied her slowly padding toward me. She was cringing in the "I've Been a Bad Dog" way, with her head down and her tail tucked in, just the tip wagging hesitantly.

Then I noticed that the carpet we use as a welcome mat and the floor around it were rather wet...

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WTF thought it would be a Good idea to make it nearly impossible to distinguish read from unread mail, or to even see any unclicked stars and symbols? This is the worst email interface I've seen in decades!
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Really really sucks! :-)
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So, one week ago today, I brought my car in because it was declaring in an ever-deeper voice that it had exhaust problems. Needed new muffler and tailpipe - no real surprise there *sigh*. Also wanted odd rattle on front right checked out. Broken spring in strut - ouch. Wallet pain, lost day of futzing around waiting for car to get fixed.

Today, got up, turned on computer, couldn't see my data drive. Not my C:/ boot drive - the other one, with all my info and videos and music and years of data on it. Yeah, that one. Booting to Linux CD didn't see it, BIOS didn't see it. SATA-to-USB convertor attempt to bypass device issues didn't see it. Fried. I WAS GOING TO BACK UP THIS WEEKEND. *cry* Latest backup from beginning of December. *cry* *cry* I had a whole bunch of new Tom Smith recordings and new ebooks and stuff too, as yet unbacked up. *weep*

Currently installing new drive and swearing not to let backups go so long any more. I've named the new drive "memo" as in "Take a memo to DO YOUR FRELLING BACKUPS ON TIME YOU MORON". *sigh*

Take a lesson from my woes and refresh your backups if you haven't recently.

I really really hope next Saturday doesn't bring any badness with it or I'm going to develop a complex.

And then there was Wednesday. O, how could I have forgotten thee, Wednesday past? The backed-up water in the basement, the sewage pushing to get in, held out by the precarious thin flap of our check value, the sewer guys drilling out the pipes and dripping onto the floor. The need to scrub out sewage-infested mud. No, Wednesday, I won't soon forget you.

Nor shall I forgot your late-following sister, Thursday, with the delightful surprise of the dog's having had diarrhea on the living room carpet. What fine scamps you two days were!

.... I think I'd better go lie down now.

No matter what, the coming week has got to be better, doesn't it?


edit 2: I emailed Tom Smith to ask about re-buying the music I lost at a discount, and he sent me the download links again for free! Quick - everyone go buy lots of his stuff and tell him how great he is! What a mensch! Yay!
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Just updated to FF 4 and like it for the most part except the way the tabs and bookmark bar items are all transparent. It makes it rather hard to see the ones on the far right especially, where the various themes tend to put their icons or images. I've tried a few different themes, and the only one I've found that fixes it (by taking away all transparency), I just found ugly.

Are there any addons or tweaks that will reduce the transparency? Or, do you know of any nice-looking themes that let the buttons etc. be solid?
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... you face the amazing ability of the domestic canine to turn 1 pound of Dog Food into 2 pounds of Dog Poop.
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Various groups (what might be clans or factions in other MMORPGs) in the browser-based game Urban Dead have forums with which they organize, communicate to members, allies, and others, and banter OOC. One such group is the Dunell Hills Police Department, whose forum has a rotating news line with information such as where to go for revives, where to join, etc. They also make clear their position on one sadly common gaming practice: entia non sunt multiplicanda entities should not be multiplied ~ no zergs or alt abuse


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