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1. When the dog emptied the contents of her stomach on the living room carpet, it was less than a half hour since she'd eaten, so those contents were mostly undigested.

2. When the dog etc., I was in the same room and was able to get her away before she turned around and ate it again for later vomiting.

3. That we were not _quite out of carpet cleaner.

*sigh* Dogs.
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... Hearing the dog sick up on one's bed in the middle of the night.
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Following the Armistice Day video meme, a link (since the video in question doesn't permit embedding): Eric Bogle - No Man's Land. (Version sung in English and German by Eric Bogle and Wachol.)
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Dumb dog!
Dumb dog!
Dumb dog!
Dumb dog!

She bursts from out the doorway,
Barking loud and mean.
To chase the small intruder
She is very keen.

From this uneven struggle,
A sad result is seen --

The skunk doth win,
   gets the last laugh;
The dumb dog gets a midnight bath!
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Took car in for annual inspection and to check a couple of little things. Turned out one of the little things wasn't so little - needed brake (rotor) work. Much wallet pain.

Also annoyance: Yesterday I sat at service place for a couple of hours (had book! no worry) before they finally called me with what they found and how much more time it would be. They said it would be about 3 more hours and would I like to leave and get picked up again later? I said I'd pick it up first thing tomorrow morning, if that's okay. They said fine, fine, no problem. Well, first thing this morning and did they have it fixed? NO. Still another 2+ hours of work left. Grrrr. Walked to a Subway a couple blocks away and got breakfast, went back and waited, waited (book!) till it was done. Bah - if they knew last night it wasn't yet done, they could have called and let me know!

On plus side - it is nice to know that when minor emergencies like this happen, I actually have the resources to cover it. And it's vacation now so I wasn't late to work. And even got home 15 minutes before a webinar I wanted to (did) attend.

Later today: brush canine and try to locate dog. ;-)


Apr. 10th, 2010 06:52 pm
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Saving time is not always the main goal. This is why murder mysteries usually don't start off with a summary of who did it.
(James Nicoll)


Apr. 10th, 2010 06:32 pm
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Who the hell told them 1984 was a 'how-to' guide?
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So, we're digging out the driveway this morning to let Malada get to work. And digging. And digging. As we're about 3/4 done, and closing in on the awful pile of slush/snow dumped in the driveway by the town plow, I notice a couple of up-street neighbors using snow blowers, and go to ask one if we can hire his help.

As I begin explaining who we are and what we're asking, he makes a comment in a bright, curious tone of voice. "Is that Girl's house?"

"Why, why, yes; it is Girl's house. Poor thing was buried up to her chest when we first let her out this morning."

"I'll be glad to help! Just a minute to finish off here and I'll be right over. No charge!"

We may not know all our neighbors, but they know our dog.
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It's been driving me crazy. Does anyone know where the term came from?
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I'm grateful that we decided to make it a habit of blocking off the stairs to the 2nd floor (Brit: 1st floor) when we were gone. Otherwise the discovery that the dog had had multiple accidents on the carpet (and attempted to eat the evidence, disgusting beast) might have become even more horrific by occurring in one's bedroom.
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Once in royal David's city
Stood a lowly cattle shed,
Where a mother lay her otter
With a manger for his bed.

Once In Royal David's City
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

I confess

Dec. 8th, 2009 04:49 pm
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I've been spending far too much time on Second Life since this summer. Dancing and jousting and playing primtionary and frootcake ("It's intense!") and getting involved with the Tinies of Raglan Shire. Where I am, of course, an otter - initially a two-legged 'normal' Tiny otter, and now, since they're been released, a quad. I even got dragooned into being a test-otter. Okay, it was fun between the crashes. And even during, for some values of fun. ("Who's driving this thing?" "You are!" "I am?!")

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# When a story is killed it is worth 45 experience points and drops one item from Treasure Table B.
5:02 AM Nov 20th from HootSuite

More at: Fake AP Stylebook (Twitter thread).

Plan aheard

Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:54 pm
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Note to self: If one has a plan for painting the front steps, such that one will do them from door down to walk in one pass and then safely go in the side door - BE SURE TO UNLOCK THE SIDE DOOR BEFORE COMMENCING.


Fortunately, it's a hot day and I only had to wait about 10 minutes of dodging the Giant Enormous Bee That Thought the Steps Were HER Territory before the paint had dried to a tackiness sufficient to tip-toe over.
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A bit less than two full days after cataract surgery on my left eye, and the blurriness is mostly cleared.


Okay, for those of you who could see all your lives, it's probably pretty ho-hum. But for me, who has worn glasses since two years old, who got to the point of being told "we can't correct your vision any more through glasses" (so your view of the world will continue to slowly deteriorate), who has always seen the world more than two inches from her eyes as a blurred mess - It. Is. Amazing.

Oh, it's not removing the cataract that did the trick (though I hadn't realized how much the little bugger was shading my view of things), but when cataract surgery is done, it involves taking your natural lens completely out and replacing it with an artificial one. And if you have vision problems, the artificial lens can be shaped to correct for much of that. I will need reading glasses in the future, even after the blurriness is fully cleared (it take the eye a couple days to full clear from the drugs they drop in pre-surgery), but that's fine with me. Just fine. Compared to the incredible nearsightedness the artificial lens is correcting for (-18, for those of you who speak eyesight), reading glasses to correct for my middle-aged far-sightedness is nothing.

The surgery on my right eye takes place in a little less than two more weeks. I can't wait. :-)


Jun. 7th, 2009 04:59 pm
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Go see it. Zeppelins, dogs, Pixar's usual level of animation skill, and a really fine story. Be sure to bring some kleenex with - there are some sad parts, esp. at the beginning.

Shoo! What are you waiting for?!
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Dog hair on my shoulders 
   looks so funny,
Dog hair in my eyes
   can make me cry.
Dog hair in a bird's nest
   looks so lovely,
Dog hair almost always
   makes me sigh.
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Well, a bit. (My Dreamwidth account.)
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I very rarely buy computer games; most of the time I'll just play free ones. It's been years since the last time I bought a computer game; I don't even participate in virtual worlds or online rpgs that ask for money.

Okay, I have donated to Nexus War (more than once) within that time frame but 1. the basic game is free and 2. I moved in with a bunch of other Urban Dead players at the start of open beta, and, heck, the guy who wrote the game was in one of the UD groups I also had a character in. Even then, I tried it for a month or so before I put any money down.

What I'm saying is, when I say I found a game that's worth spending a few bucks on, well, I don't say it very often.

Therefore let me express my happiness with PopCap game's Plants Versus Zombies. It is amusing, addictive, and challenging without being frustrating. And it's got its own music video. Oh, and if you don't mind paying for access rather than actual downloadable ownership, you can also play the game for half-price at Steam.

Plants, zombies, undead dolphins... what's not to like?
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Join -- you know you want to. *innocent fluff*


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